Noah and the Ark~Behind the Scenes


“Did God eradicate Evil with the Flood?”  A deeper look into why God eradicated mankind with the great flood and the role Noah would play in the foreshadowing of Jesus Christ.


Noah and the Ark. Set in the time-frame of approximately 3000 B.C., the events surrounding Noah’s story take place in a time where mankind has degenerated into wickedness and rejected God’s moral law and love.

In Noah’s story, God will be the judge of all humanity.
Angered at the evil that exists in all people, God will literally push His sovereign “re-set button” and destroy all of His creation on earth.

God’s “reset button,” being devastating floodwaters covering the entire earth, served to completely eradicate a corrupt and degenerate human race.
But, did God completely cleanse humanity from evil?

As we journey through Noah’s story, we will read how underlying evil and disobedience of our Creator continued to exist in humanity. How did this happen, when Noah and his family were the only ones spared by God?

Through the devastation of the flood, God saved one righteous man and his family, that being Noah. God also reached down His sovereign hand and delivered a breeding pair of each kind of animal, preserving the lineage of all of His earthly creatures.

Noah is called by God to build an ark to weather the storm and save himself, his family, and God’s animals from perishing in a devastating worldwide flood.

Being the only human survivors, Noah and his family were responsible for a new beginning for humanity. After 370 days of being on the ark, Noah and his family emerged to the Blessings of God, and a brand new life.
In many ways, the events in Noah’s life foreshadowed the life of Jesus Christ our Savior.

From his very first call from God, we will explore the complex meanings behind Noah’s life experiences.

From building the ark in an evil world, being in the floodwaters with an ark filled with a unique cargo of animals, and finally…. to accepting the challenge of re-populating God’s earth, we will follow the unfolding of Biblical events enveloping Noah’s life.

We will also explore the deeper meaning behind how sin and evil managed to creep back into the world’s people, even though God had eradicated all but one righteous man and his immediate family.

By putting Noah’s life events into the context of the ancient day, we will go behind the scenes and discover what God is really trying to tell us through the story of Noah and the Ark.

About the Author

Jana Jones McDowell DVM, DAVCA, DAVECC, has spent a lifetime practicing Veterinary Medicine and former Professor at a College of Veterinary Medicine.

A Christian, Dr. Jones began her research into Biblical studies a number of years ago, focusing on “context.”

Her research revolves around the  “context,” with the study and application of the Judaica Books of the Prophets and the Hagiographa (A new English translation of the Hebrew Masoretic text and commentaries by Rashi and other Rabbinical scholars), and the books of the Midrash Rabbah. The basis of this was the exegesis of the Hebrew Bible with application to the origins of Christianity.

Dr. Jones-McDowell continues her research on the Jewish roots of Christianity as a student of the Israel Bible Center.

Dr. Jones-McDowell and her husband, reside in the southwest with their horses, a Bengal cat named Ravi and their border collie, Sarah.