About Us

God uses the least likely…and he has.

Dr. Jana Jones McDowell, DVM, DACVAA, DACVECC, is formally educated as a Veterinarian with specialties in Veterinary Anesthesia and Emergency Critical Care.

Dr. Jones McDowell served in the private sector for many years before accepting the role of creating an Anesthesia Department at Midwestern University in Glendale Arizona in 2013.

Dr. Jones McDowell, now known as “Jana” accepted the direction and guidance of the Holy Spirit, embarking upon a “deeper understanding of Scripture” and the role(s) that Jesus’ human ancestors played in his coming, as foretold by the Old Testament Prophets.

Jana spends untold hours researching prominent Biblical Scholars and Pastors in her presentations of Bible Study. One faithful Christ follower described her presentations as “a Graduate level course on the Bible.”

Jana provides support as an Adjunct to Messianic Jewish Scholars at The Israel Bible Center, in Jerusalem.

Jana teaches the Word through her Bible Studies, held in Young Arizona.

The journey began with the publishing of 14 books on various aspects, books of the Bible, and characters of the Bible. The hallmark book is “Cultivating the Christ.”

Jeff McDowell, serves multiple roles; audio visual, sound engineer, table putter upper, table taker downer, website design and upkeep…

Jeff’s professional life followed formal education at Texas A & M University, with a B.S. in Animal Science and post graduate work in the College of Architecture, Construction Science.

After a stint in Graduate School, Jeff embarked upon a continuing journey in commercial real estate development in several states, through various roles and capacities. Jeff is a licensed real estate broker in Arizona and Texas, a Realtor Emeritus, and provides expert witness services to the legal world involving real estate litigation.

Our goal is to bring the Word of God to all of Christ’s followers, as it is Scripturally written, without exclusion of the “scary” parts. God is Sovereign and his Word is inerrant.