Isaac and Rebekah…..Cultivating Israel

Isaac and Israel.

In keeping with the underlying theme of the books delving into the mindset and culture surrounding the ancient ancestors of Jesus Christ, we will once again go behind the scenes and uncover deep meanings behind the origins of our faith. As discovered through the eyes of the ancient Jewish patriarchs and matriarchs, in this book “Cultivating Israel” we will journey back into time and relive the experiences of Isaac and Rebekah as well as their sons, Jacob and Esau.

Navigating the twists and turns of what often seems to be a typical dysfunctional family, not unlike what we may experience in today’s culture, we will step into the mindsets of those who formed the very foundations of Jewish culture. As we look at the total picture of antiquity, once again we will come to understand how viewing the lives of Jesus’ ancestors in the context of the day are of utmost importance.

“Cultivating Israel” starts with the story of Isaac, the son of Abraham and Sarah. Isaac is painted to be somewhat of a passive individual in Scripture, with his main mention in the Hebrew Bible having to do with complying with his father’s (Abraham) wishes to offer him to sacrifice to the LORD. After his father’s servant finds him a wife, being Rebekah, we will then explore the lives of their children, Jacob and Esau.

Jacob and Esau, even though twins, turn out to be very different individuals. As similar as night and day, we will discover hidden secrets about these two brothers through looking into the ancient Hebrew language, culture and commentaries by ancient Rabbis.

Of interest is how in His Divine Masterplan, God will prune the family ancestral tree of Jesus, the Messiah, to continue to cultivate His people on the road to the formation of the makings of Israel.

Even though Jacob starts out as a deceiver and a manipulator, and as one who relies on himself rather than God, we will see how the LORD works in his life shaping him into the man who will come to be known as “Israel”, signifying the very beginning of the culture that envelops Jesus’ ancestors in the future.

Prepare to journey back to antiquity, gaining new knowledge, and background to appreciate God’s Word with deeper perspective. Remember, context is not just important, it’s everything! Through understanding our Jewish heritage, we as Christians can better understand our Jewish Savior, Jesus Christ.

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About the Author

Jana Jones McDowell DVM, DAVCA, DAVECC has spent a lifetime practicing Veterinary Medicine and former Professor at a College of Veterinary Medicine.

A Christian, Dr. Jones began her research into Biblical studies a number of years ago, focusing on “context.”

Her research revolves around the  “context,” with the study and application of the Judaica Books of the Prophets and the Hagiographa (A new English translation of the Hebrew Masoretic text and commentaries by Rashi and other Rabbinical scholars), and the books of the Midrash Rabbah. The basis of this was the exegesis of the Hebrew bible with application to the origins of Christianity.

Now retired, Dr. Jones spends time researching and applying the depth of her studies into books and as a student of the  Israel Bible Center, studying deeper into Jewish context and the application to Christianity.

Dr. Jones and her husband, reside in the southwest with their horses, bengal cat named Ravi and their border collie, Sarah.