Young Bible Study 1

Young Bible Study is held every Sunday, 2:00 to 3:00 PM at the PV Fire Hall. The Pleasant Valley Fire Department allows us to use the location free of charge.

We do not accept donations and would ask that if you feel compelled, please make them to the Pleasant Valley Fire Department or the Sparks Auxiliary to assist in the offset their cost of providing the facility.

Scripturally based, we dig deeper into the Bible, tying the Old Testament to the New Testament and the ultimate coming of Jesus Christ.

Young Bible Study is a Christian Bible Study, not affiliated with any religious entity, nor organization, and presented in scriptural context as it is written.

Our boss is GOD.

Additionally, pdf versions of the published books are available to Young Bible Study participants, free of charge. In a pdf format, they won’t have a pretty published cover, but are identical to the published versions. Contact us at: Jana.

All are welcome.

Young Bible Studies

The Seven Seals of the Scroll

The Sixth Seal…Cosmic Upheaval

The Throne Room Vision…Through the Eyes of John

Feast of Trumpets..Ties to the Second Coming


The Atonement Good Friday 3/29


Women of the Bible

Revelation…Letters Within a Letter…Pergamum

God’s Happy New Year…The True Biblical Meaning

Letter to the Church of Smyrna

Battles of Revelation: Are all 4 the Same?

Majesty Comes in the Mundane..the real story of the birth of Christ

YouTube Presentation

Session 1 YouTube

Session 2 YouTube

Session 3 YouTube

Session 4 YouTube


Video with voice overlay on the Book of Revelation, Letter to Smyrna

Section 1 YouTube

Section 2 YouTube

Section 3 YouTube

Section 4 YouTube


Video with voice overlay of the Book of Revelation, Ephesus, Part Two.

The live Bible Study was posted to YouTube at the following links…of note, YouTube only allows videos of 15 minutes or less…the Bible Study was broken into 3 segments of less than 15 minutes. To complete the study, it will be necessary to click on the first block and suceeding blocks. There are 3 total.

Block 1 YouTube

Block 2 YouTube

Block 3 YouTube


Vision Block 1

As revealed to the Apostle John, PowerPoint Presentation,

10/29/2023 (Click on the title in bold, underlined)

The 4 Battles of Revelation…are they the same Battle? PowerPoint Presentation, 10/22/2023 (Click on the link in bold, underlined)

Revelation Prologue…understanding the Jewish mind of John and how he saw the visions, 10/15/2023, (Click on the link in bold, underlined)

Power Point Presentation for Study

The message discussed today about “keeping your eyes on Jerusalem” by Dr. John Barnett


Information presented is gathered from personal extensive research as presented by noted Christian Biblical Scholars as well as Messianic Jewish Scholars. Citations are assigned when expressing the direct material from those authors.