Ancestry. Jesus

“Discovering the Roots of Christianity Through the Eyes of Jesus’ Ancestors”

Welcome to Ancestry. Jesus! Prepare for your journey to discover the deep, and often hidden meanings behind the stories of the Bible! 

How are these hidden meanings unlocked? 

Simply said, context is everything.

The Biblical stories in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) surrounding the forefathers of Judaism and Christianity are full of hidden meanings, which can only be unlocked through understanding the historical and cultural context in which they took place. 

The material presented on our website does just that, as it puts the ancient stories of the Bible into context. Our books are designed to help deepen your understanding of God’s Word as each story of the people in Jesus’ family tree is uniquely put into the ancient context of the culture in which they lived. 

As you read through the presented material, you will get to know the patriarchs and matriarchs of faith at a level which is only possible through experiencing their lives as seen through their eyes. 

With every twist and turn in the stories of the ancient people of faith you will see how God related to His budding family as the roots of Judaism were formed. Their lives will take on new meaning as the stories literally jump off the page with the realization of how these characters in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) foreshadow the coming of Jesus Christ in the New Testament. 

An added bonus is that after reliving the lives of the people in the generations of the Divine family tree, it will become crystal clear of how God’s Master plan and His promise to humanity, as written in Genesis 3:15, is fulfilled with the ultimate gift to us of Jesus Christ. 

As a grand finale to complement God’s masterpiece of His Masterplan for humanity, we present on our website a book which helps decipher the Book of Revelation. Once again it is presented in context, being through the eyes of the Jewish-Christian in the first century, Apostle John. 

Known as the cement that binds the Old and the New Testament together, we will relive the events of John’s Apocalypse, and ultimately see how God has prepared for us His Promised Land. So come step back into the past and immerse yourself in the culture enveloping our ancient Christian roots, allowing yourself to explore the characters of the Bible within their own mindscape – through their eyes!